A divorce or legal separation is the cessation of cohabitation of wife and husband either by mutual agreement or as a result of a court decree. Under the provisions of Chicago family Law, the legal separation or divorce petitions in Illinois can be classified into no-fault divorce petitions and fault divorce petitions. Following text briefly covers each type of legal separation.

Illinois No Fault Divorce
The Illinois no fault divorce is a straightforward type of legal separation. There are two simple grounds for filing a no-fault divorce petition in Illinois. The aforementioned two simple grounds of legal separation consist of…
1.    Both husband and wife have stopped cohabiting together under one roof for at least a period of two years and therefore want to go ahead and file a legal separation petition in the Illinois court
2.    Both the husband and the wife have developed differences that are impossible to reconcile resulting in irrecoverable collapse of the married life.

Illinois Fault Divorce
Illinois adult citizens can file a fault divorce petition in the Illinois court of law. The grounds of separation may consist of one or more of the following…
•    Adultery or Bigamy
•    Impotence or infection with a sexually transmitted disease
•    Willful abandonment by the party for a period of for 1 year or more
•    Habitual intoxication or drug addiction for at least 2 years or more
•    A deliberate, repeated, and excessive infliction of pain and suffering in any form including mental or physical cruelty
•    Imprisonment or conviction in a serious crime  
Unlike the no-fault divorce petition, a Chicago Divorce Lawyer would be necessary in a case of fault divorce on aforementioned grounds.

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