When most people think about the law, they think in terms of one big container that captures everything related to the legal world. In truth, there are so many different types of laws, that it can make your head spin. Business law, criminal law, family law - each is a part of the legal make up of our country, but each is distinct and has professional dedicated solely to that particular type of law.

Illinois family law attorneys are specialists in what they do. They help families to get the best possible outcomes from their legal cases. However, you may be wondering what types of cases Illinois Family Lawyers would be required for. Here are some of the common family situations where these specialists really shine.

Divorce Cases
Chicago family lawyers are needed when the case at hand is one of divorce or separation. Divorces are very common, but to get the
best end results, you really need to enlist the help of these experts who understand all of the intricacies involved with a wide range of divorce types. No divorce is what you would call simple, but having the right lawyer certainly helps to keep things from being more complicated than they have to be.

Other Legal Scenarios
Some other cases where you absolutely need Illinois family lawyers are:

- Adoption Cases
- Child Custody Cases
- Prenuptial Agreements

These are just some of the legal areas where having a specialist works in your favor. A general law attorney usually isn't as well versed in all of the laws as they pertain to married couples and children. For that reason, it's your best bet to work with Illinois family law attorneys for family related legal circumstances.

There is a difference between an Illinois legal separation from a divorce.  The party that decides that they are “done” and is requesting a separation will need to file paperwork with the Courts specifically requesting the action.  This is the first step to having the status of your marriage legally changed.  A judge will then decide how all financial aspects of the separation will need to be resolved between the two parties.  One thing the judge takes in to consideration is debt.  Is there significant debt that needs to be taken care during the period of separation?  Who is responsible for what? Recently, it has been observed some people file for a separation because they need to file for bankruptcy!  Unfortunately, this is a byproduct of what this wretched economy is doing to us!

Technically speaking, a legal separation is just that, a separation which is a preparation for the actual divorce.  This gives both parties time to decide which items are not mutually binding and time to make the decisions that they otherwise had to do with their spouse.  If the couple is already on the outs and don’t want to look each other in the eye, then they have no option than to go their separate ways.

Sometimes a legal separation is what the couple needs to obtain a fresh outlook.  Things, life things tend to get wound very tight and affect your everyday responsibilities.  A break is just the medicine needed in some cases.  It is great in these times because a divorce is a painful event and should be avoided if possible.  If you are considering an Illinois legal separation, be wise and obtain representation from a well respected and experienced law firm.